ONE by Wankaya’s full range of products embodies fundamental nutrients necessary to maintain beautiful and healthy hair care without having to combine an assortment of hair care products to achieve the above mentioned goals for your hair.



    • ‘I cannot live without your products!! My hairdresser is in love with it too!’

      AnnDee - Industry Makeup Artist
    • ‘Wankaya! I used your shampoo and conditioner for the first time today – what an AMAZING EXPERIENCE!! My curls are popping! Smells soooooo good and my hair is squeaky clean!’

      Jamillah - Industry Makeup Artist
    • ‘Love, love, LOVE this new shampoo and conditioner from ONE by Wankaya; it did miracles!’

      Gena - Hairstylist
    • ‘Thanks to ONE by Wankaya products for the amazing all natural conditioner she makes coming soon to a store near you!’

      Tiffany Jeneen - Actress
    • ‘Hey Wankaya!!! It is really working can you please send me more products."

      John David Washington - Actor
    • ‘ONE has completely changed my hair for the better. I recommend ONE to everyone trying to revive their scalp and hair."

      Tiffany Hasbourne- Costume Designer
    • ‘" I never go to my hair appointments without bringing my ONE products with me."

      Malika James - Industry Makeup Artist
    • ‘" Best shampoo and Conditoner for natural hair textures.

      Caprice Green - Industry Hair Stylist
    • '"No other products detangle my hair. I'm a customer for life."

      Monique Washington - Customer
    • ‘' Love my "ONE by Wankaya" products!!!"

      Neva Lewis - Customer
    • ‘"My curls are popping with that ONE by Wankaya co-wash!"

      Tawesha Gopaul - Customer
    • ‘" Great product leaves hair shiny, weightless, and free!"

      Travi Natasha - industry Hair Stylist
    • ‘"Received my ONE by Wankaya in the mail, and I can absolutely say this is an Awesome Product! If you want salon quality products, but at home healthy hair care, don't miss out on this amazing set. It provides results of moisture, shine, & strength."

      Katrina Clark - Customer
    • ‘"#issaswitchup don't get it twisted, I love my natural tresses. Thanks to the #ONEbyWankaya hair collection and routine hair mask, I'm able to maintain my kinks in between protective styles."

      Nikkia Adolphe - Customer
    • ‘"Another beautiful hair day, thanks to ONE. Your shampoo washes away the build-up and the Conditoner rehydrates and moisturizes my hair."

      Kashaka Johnson - Customer
    • ‘"Blow out on 1000... I tried my ONE hair products today. My hair feels great!"

      Nneka Presley - Customer
    • ‘" My scalp and hair has never felt this good! I love ONE hair care system. P.S. the smell is like a soothing spa in your shower."

      Tatianna Chin- Customer
    • ‘"I took my braids out and washed my hair and Im so in love with your products! I can really feel the difference in my hair and I only used it once. Im getting some twist out in now and even my hairstylist was lie "your hair feels nice" thank you ONE by Wankaya!"

      Brittany Hall - Actress
    • ‘" I just ordered my Large shampoo and conditioner and I can't wait to get it. I only had it once and it was great on my girls hair. Now with all this swimming in summer camp, I was like I need the best thing the market for all hair types and I instantly thought of ONE by Wankaya!"

      Para Paints- Industry Makeup Artist

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