Beach Styles For Your Summer Vacation

The kickoff to Memorial Day weekend means it’s officially summer season!  And another reason to travel, relax and enjoy beach sands and tans.

Here are some styles that are perfect for the beach or pool & leave you looking chic all day long.

Messy buns are easy, simple and low maintenance.  Grab all your hair in a ponytail as high as you can on top of your head and hit the sands. If some pieces don’t make it in, its cool tuck them in your ponytail holder and you’re all set!

Head Scarf styles are perfect for a very humid day, or when your hair feels like being a little wild! Add scarf to messy hair to pull off a boho chic look.

Side Braids are essential when it’s hot out and it feels good to get the hair out of your face and off your neck. A simple braid is a great way to do just that, and it always looks super cute.  So get to packing and be sure you pack your travel size of our ONE Collection. 

Safe and happy travels!

3 Easy Glam Styles for Ladies Night Out

You’re in the home stretch — the workweek is coming to a close. Now that you’ve made it to the weekend, all you can think about is the long-awaited night out with your favorite ladies.

Planning for a chic Saturday dinner with friends?  Toasting with cocktails later that night?  I’m sure you want to look your best in doing so.  This season, it’s all things glam — from head to toe.  And we have you covered with some sophisticated, sleek and easy styles to give you that red carpet look for your night on the town.

Go Old Hollywood Glam with this simple side-swept style. After your routine shampoo and conditioning with the ONE collection, dry your hair and use a curling wand to add textured curls.  The best part about it?  You don’t have to be an expert to obtain this look.

Make sure to use a tiny amount of heat protectant before curling. Use a flat brush to smooth out your waves and complete the look by pinning back one side of your hair with a few bobby pins.

For shorter hair, this easy sleek and stunning bob is perfect for girls night out. The look screams fun, sexy and bold! Achieve this style by using a blow dryer, round brush, flat iron and a flexible hold spray to add volume and dimension.

Nothing says effortless yet refined and sensual than the bone straight look.  The key to achieving this look is making sure you use the right shampoo and conditioner.  With the ONE collection, your hair is being cleansed and moisturized, resulting in frizz-free lightweight strands. Use the flat iron + combing method to get it looking perfectly sleek.

Glam hair shouldn’t be complicated — especially after the week you’ve had! Try one of these styles before you hit the town with your ladies this weekend. Cheers! XoXo, Wankaya

Drowning in Dryness? Insider to Unleash Shiner Hair

Sunny days are finally here! And nothing beats a beautiful beach day with your favorite ladies. Drifting in the cool ocean waves, sipping your favorite cocktail, and of course, basking in the steamy summer rays. After it all, we seem to regret it at the touch of our dry dull strands — eek!

It’s now time to start thinking about methods to prevent dry, brittle hair during the harsh summer season, and practicing a daily regimen that promotes smooth cuticles and ultimate SHINE.

You ask, where does healthy hair gets its shine? The answer lies in the outer layer or cuticle; with shiny hair, this section tends to lay smooth with all of it’s ‘scales’ lined evenly on top of each other. When layers are tightly sealed, they hold in moisture much longer creating a smooth, light feel and touch. In dry hair, layers of the cuticle tear apart, forcing natural oils to escape. When this happens, the cuticles are more likely to absorb light, ultimately resulting in dull, frail hair.

With a better understanding on causes of dull hair, here are some treatments to cure your hair from dry to a sultry, clean shine:

Weekly hot oil treatments can greatly benefit your hair in a few ways. It smoothes out your cuticles resulting in ultimate shine and battles dryness which can ultimately lead to breakage.

Protein hair treatments work miracles on brittle strands. And it’s because 91% of your hair is made of protein (yes, it’s true). Protein reinforces the hair shaft, creating a stronger shinier look. Paired with our ONE Collection, protein hair treatments binds to the hair cuticle to rebuild weakened sections.

Use of a Greek Yogurt treatment can also brighten and condition your strands.

Rule of thumb: Less is more. Too much oil can cause a long list of issues when it’s time to style your hair. Remember to start small and add more later if you think the first go-round lacked a little shine.

You can now look forward to those beach days without fearing lackluster hair — and your strands will thank you later! And make sure you take advantage of our ONE collection to breakthrough those dry humid days. SHOP NOW.