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10 Holiday Hair Ideas To Feel Unique and Fabulous

Ahh, once again it’s that time of year when colder weather hits. The Christmas lights come out, the smell of tasty baked treats linger in the air, and the cute sweaters and winter outfits come out to play. But, a cozy sweater look is never complete without the perfect eyebrows, the perfect lipstick, and most importantly, the perfect hairstyle. We have written up a list of ten trendy ideas for you to show up to your Holiday gatherings looking your best!

One: The Classic Hollywood Glam

We totally made this number one since it’s one of our favorite looks – It’s timeless and classic. Add red lipstick to this look, and you are going to be the star of the show! To make this look happen, all you need to do is wrap sections of your hair around a 1″ curling iron away from your face all the way around the head. Once the hair is cool, you can brush through those curls to soften it up and finalize your desired style with some flexible hairspray. Try using our ONE detangling brush! It combs out the curls gently!

Two: Add A Touch of Velvet!

Velvet seems very fitting in the wintertime as a great accessory. It’s warm, soft, cozy, and adds a cute touch to whatever hairstyle you feel like rocking around the Christmas tree! Adding a velvet headband or scrunchie is sure to complete your holiday outfit. For the holiday- red, pink, green, or black velvet would be a few of our favorite choices! Check out these velvet hair accessories from Shein.

Three: Rock The Natural Curls!

This one is for all of our curly girls! Wearing your curls down with a cute sweater is definitely a way to make a statement. After you wash your hair, apply the ONE’s Curl Enhancing Mousse with the One by Wankaya Curl Enhancing Brush and Curl Enhancing Mousse to make sure your curls look their best! It really does matter how you handle your curls after you wash your hair. It makes all the difference in how your curls will turn out when they are dry. This brush really helps them thrive! But don’t forget wait until your hair is completely dry before pulling those curls apart.

Four: Wear A Cute Ribbon! Ribbons are pretty trendy right now and they really make an outfit pop! They reall add that extra “ooh-la-la” to an already cute look. The fun part is, there are different ways to incorporate ribbons into your hairstyle. Not to mention, there are different textures of ribbons that also add a unique touch. You can wear your hair in a low ponytail and add a ribbon, or try wearing your hair half up/half down and add a ribbon, or you can turn a ribbon into a headband! Check out this extra large ribbon from Emery Rose! Super Cute!

Five: The Slick Backed Look with Dangly Earrings

This one is great if you’re running out of time to attend a holiday party or family gathering…greasy/oily hair is hard to work with if it is left down. But greasy hair works amazing for trying a slicked-back look that can be hard to achieve after your hair has been freshly washed! If you haven’t washed your hair for a few days, try slicking it back into a low ponytail or messy bun. The slick-backed look is great for holiday gatherings because you can add a pair of dangling earrings onto the look, and a touch of lipstick and you are ready to shine! If you prefer not having greasy hair though, you can always use hair oil to slick down your fly-away strands, and smooth over your hair. Try our ONE 15 Blend Hair Oil for this!

Six: The Claw Clip

Hair accessories really do add that extra touch to a whole look. These large metal hair claw clips are a great way to lightly wear your hair half up half down. You will still have a lot of hair down, but instead of gathering a lot of it as a ponytail does, this leaves more room for a few of your extra strands to fall down by your face. We really like gold clips for this season, because they make holiday colors like red and green POP.

Seven: Pearl Hair Accessories

Pearls make a classy statement for the holidays. You can rock pearl hair clips like these, pearl headbands, or pearl hair combs! It’s hard to go wrong with pearls.

Eight: Red Roses Headband

Floral accessories aren’t just for the spring anymore. Check out this flower decor headband. Imagine how cute this headband would look with a black, red, or white sweater for Christmastime! Especially with a set of small diamond or gold earrings.

Nine: A Side Part with Fabulous Bobby Pins

This look you can get creative with because you can choose the type of bobby pins you want! We suggest going onto Etsy to check out unique bobby pins, like these cute Bumble Bee bobby pins. You can wear your hair down, and then slick back one side and pin it up with glamorous bobby pins! A gold sparkle, design, color, or shine will make your hairstyle stand out.

Ten: Straight Hair with Random Braids

This look is going back to the basics and reminds us of being at an elementary or junior high sleep-over braiding each other’s hair and using the clear elastic ponytails to secure the braid at the end. No matter if your hair is short or long, this look will work for you.

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