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10 Simple Ways To Repair Damaged Hair

We can all think back to a time in our life when our hair was damaged. If you have ever colored, dyed, or used styling tools on your hair, then you can probably relate!

Maybe your hair is damaged right now, and you are looking for a way to repair it!

Thankfully, we have many useful tools right at our fingertips thanks to the amazing cosmetologist and the internet, to figure out how to get our damaged hair back to life again! We learn with time, practice, and patience.

Here are 10 easy steps that you can take to repair damaged hair:

  1. Get Regular Trims- We know that this might make you cringe reading this if you are trying to grow your hair out. You probably hear it all of the time. But, one of the keys to achieving long locks is to get regular hair trims. Split ends are very common, but if they are not trimmed regularly the breakage will travel upwards, causing your hair to snap or become frazzled. If you are trying to grow your hair long, you should be getting hair trims every 8 to12 weeks.
  2. Deep Condition with Heat- Deep conditioning the right way is SO important to locking moisture into your hair to repair damage. When you apply mild heat, your hair cuticle opens allowing the deep conditioner to penetrate the hair shaft and provide nourishment from the inside out. This results in healthier, moisturized hair. We recommend using The ONE Natural Flaxseed Heating Cap that you heat up in the microwave, and then place it over a shower cap with your ONE Avocado Hair Smoothie to seal in that moisture! We promise you will notice a BIG difference.
  3. Wash Your Hair Less- Quit washing your hair so much! Washing it too frequently will strip it of its natural oils. Depending on your hair type, wash it just 1-3 times a week in lukewarm water. It will restore its moisture and have more shine!
  4. Go Easy on Your Hair When It’s Wet- Your hair is most prone to damage and breakage when it’s wet, so handle it with care. Instead of roughly drying it with a towel, gently blot it or use a hair dryer on low heat with heat protector. Also, don’t comb your wet hair with just any hairbrush, use a detangling brush or a wide-tooth comb to gently separate the knots. We recommend using the ONE Detangling Brush or the ONE Curl Enhancing Brush for the BEST and healthiest results!
  5. Use The Right Shampoo- When we say the right shampoo, we mean sulfate and paraben free shampoo! Shampoos containing sulfates may cause some mild side effects, such as dry, brittle hair, and dryness or redness of the scalp. Studies have also shown that some parabens specifically mimic the activity of the hormone estrogen and therefore can interfere with estrogen production. Natural shampoos are the BEST for your hair and for the environment! It’s important to read the labels and ingredients. We highly recommend using the ONE Rosemary and Tea Tree Shampoo because it is fortified to thoroughly cleanse, relieve dry and itchy scalp, and hydrate and repair the hair shaft without stripping the most treasured substance our bodies naturally produce. The major characteristic is the ANTI DHT, when DHT binds to androgen receptors on hair follicles, the corresponding hair in the hair follicle shrinks and becomes less visible.
  6. Rinse With Cold Water- This is a game changer! Rinsing with cold water locks in moisture from your conditioner! It increase shine, closes your hair’s cuticle, and forces the cuticle cells to lay down on top of each other and present a smooth, shiny appearance. It also reduces frizz, helps eliminate dandruff, and improves blood circulation to the scalp!
  7. Ease up on the Lightener and Bleach- You can color your hair lighter, and still maintain healthy hair. BUT, not only does bleaching raise the outer cuticle, it also damages the bonds inside the hair too. Hair is made up of three types of bonds: hydrogen, disulfide and salt bonds, causing them to weaken and break. When the internal structure of the hair is compromised, strands are more likely to split and snap. So, it is very important to take the best possible care of your hair while coloring your hair lighter. It is VERY important that you leave the coloring up to a professional hair stylist!
  8. Use Hair Oil- Unlike our skin, our hair has no way to keep itself moisturized. That’s why our hair follicles produce sebum, a natural oil meant to travel down the hair shaft and keep hair healthy and hydrated. With modern styling and coloring techniques, our natural sebum often just isn’t enough to keep our hair nourished. That’s where oil comes in. A good hair oil supplements your natural sebum, providing the protection and moisture that your hair craves. We recommend using the ONE 15 Blend Hair & Scalp Oil because it was created to rejuvenate your hair and scalp. The rich Turmeric, Aloe Vera, and Rose oil (just to name a few) helps to stimulate hair growth, nourish and relieve dry and itchy scalp, add shine, hydrate, and strengthen the hair follicles. The unique blend of the 15 oils doesn’t leave the scalp and hair feeling oily, thus providing the best foundation for healthy hair.
  9. Don’t Use Tight Ponytails- If you’re seeing a ton of split ends and breakage, take a break from tight hairstyles, like ponytails and buns. The type of ponytail you use really matters, because when it’s too tight it causes your hair to break off. Try using a scrunchie instead, or something that is looser and not tight. High ponytails are the worst for causing hair breakage and stress, especially if they’re pulled tightly. If you need to have your hair up regularly and can’t get away with a few down days, try to switch between high ponytails and low, loose styles.
  10. Use A Pre Poo- Pre-pooing is the process of applying a treatment to your hair before the actual shampoo process. The treatment provides your hair with a protective layer. This is helpful because shampooing can strip moisture from the hair. And applying a conditioner after shampooing isn’t always enough to restore lost moisture. We recommend using the ONE Strawberry and Banana Hair Smoothie because it is enriched with high content of ellagic acid, folic acid, vitamins B5, B6, potassium, natural oils, and carbohydrates that your hair needs. It helps to soften the hair and protect the hair’s natural elasticity, preventing split ends, and preventing hair loss and breakage. ONE’s Strawberry & Banana Smoothie can give you the extra moisture, more shine and strength that your hair needs!

If you need more information or if your hair is in need of additional love, here are 3 more things you can do:

1.) Take the quick quiz on our website to get personalized recommendations on what products are best for your hair. It only takes a couple minutes!

2.) Purchase a Hair Care Treatment Plan from our website! We have one specifically designed to help with Damaged Hair.

3.) Send us a DM on Instagram or a message on Facebook! We are here to help if you feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING and are still struggling with Damaged Hair.

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