Fall in Love with These Autumn Hair Trends


With a new season comes new ways to style your hair, and for Fall, there are plenty of ways to give your hair a fun upgrade. From new hair colors to experiment with to hairstyles that will keep your hair nice and protected for the weather change, we’ve got you covered. Here at ONE, we are highlighting some Fall hair trends that you should think about trying.

Honey Brown Hair

Although the weather is getting colder, try warming up your hair with some honey and cinnamon brown tones. Stars like Beyoncé are always rocking this color during red carpet season, and we are telling you that you should, for sure, rock it for Fall. It’s a perfect fall tone and works great for medium brown hair.

If you are not sold on committing to all of your hair going a bit more golden, try out ombre-ing your hair. This makes the process of growing out your hair a bit more manageable and requires fewer visits to your hairstyle.

Spice it up with Red

Fall is the time for everything spiced, and that includes your hair, and the best way to do it is to add some red to the equation. This is a perfect color for anyone looking to warm up their hair this year and range anywhere from a ginger color to deep burgundy!

We know this may be a daring color to commit to for some, but there are a ton of options so that your fall hair color isn’t permanent. You can try semi-permanent or temporary hair dye. With this option, you can even find products that don’t bleach your hair and only deposit color; for example, Overtone allows you to get the color while also moisturizing your hair.

If you are not interested in coloring your hair, wigs are an excellent temporary option to have fun trying on and switching out. For more information on wig care, check out our blog to get a crash course in wigs.

Passion Twists and Braids

When it comes to twists and braids, they not only allow for some fantastic styling options, but they also serve as a way to protect your hair. Twists and braids have become a go-to style in 2020, and the trend is continuing through the fall and winter seasons as well.

This style can be done with added hair or with your own; twists have become popular with all hair lengths this season!

Textured Bangs

Gone are the days of us cutting our bangs and straightening them out; it’s all about letting your texture shine! Instead of taking scissors to your locs, braid or twist them towards the front of your hair and watch as they bounce and untwist into a perfect full or side bang that will frame your face and fall hairstyle perfectly.

What are some hairstyles you’re excited to try this Fall? 

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