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How To Love Your Natural Hair

Do you remember growing up and feeling frustrated with how your natural hair looked? All of the flat ironing and curling that we did to our hair was so damaging. There were times we wouldn’t even use heat protector. We would just constantly put heat on our hair. Or maybe some of us dyed our hair too much, and as a result, it started to look fried and very damaged. Hair has always been be a way to express ourselves, but it can also be a source of self-consciousness. We always wanted what we don’t have. Girls with curly hair want straight hair. Girls with straight hair want curly hair. But, as we got older, we realized that maybe our natural hair isn’t so bad after all! If you are still struggling with embracing your natural hair, don’t worry. You aren’t alone! We have all experienced that feeling. Keep reading on ways that you can embrace your natural hair and love it!

  1. Take a Break From Using Heat Tools– Sometimes we feel like we *have to* or *need to* put heat on our hair in order to look good for wherever we are going. It could be that we just have a habit of doing that, and have always felt like that. But, the thing is, you can’t learn to love your natural hair if you never wear your hair natural! Take a chance! You will actually be surprised at all of the compliments that you will receive by wearing your natural tresses. You may view your natural hair as not beautiful, but you are wrong! No one thinks that but you. You are beautiful the way you are.
  2. Experiment With Different Hair Products- It’s actually easier than you think it is to solve some of the hair problems that you are having. It’s the little changes that you make that make all of the difference in the overall picture. For example, the type of shampoo and conditioner that you use really does matter. Using shampoo with natural ingredients and oils will be way better for your hair than using shampoo with sulfate. Sulfate strips your hair of it’s natural oils. We suggest using the ONE Shampoo and Conditioner Set. There are natural ingredients in all ONE products, like the rosemary and tea tree oil in the shampoo and conditioner set. Experimenting with different shampoos, oils or conditioners will help you find a solution. If you have dry hair, or hair that has been damaged by color and heat, we suggest using the ONE Avocado Hair Smoothie to put life back into those tresses! The comb or brush that you are using also matters. We suggest using the ONE Detangling Brush to gently come out your tresses with no damage. Whatever hair problem you are having, experiment with different products and read the ingredients as well. Find out what works best for your hair personally.
  3. Be Patient With Your Hair Journey- We all love to be hard on ourselves. We all get frustrated when things aren’t going as quickly as we would like. As you start to take care of your hair more and more, and make it a priority in your life, you will start to notice a huge difference in your hair over time. For example, if you want your hair to grow faster, and you want your curls to be healthy, it won’t be an overnight process. You may be deep conditioning it twice a week and putting the proper oils in your hair to keep it moisturized, but you can’t just do that a few weeks and give up. Challenge yourself to keep up with your hair care as a priority, and you will definitely notice the results in just a few months time. Imagine the results you will see at six months, or a year!
  4. Find Different Styles To Wear Rocking Your Natural Hair- Just because you are rocking the natural hair doesn’t mean you always have to just wear it down! You can find a lot of different ways to wear your natural locks. Pinterest and Instagram are great platforms to use for looking up different styles. Did you recently see an image of awesome natural hair? Pin it to your Pinterest board! You will be pleased with all of the new ideas that you can come up with by doing your research and experimenting with the different looks that you can wear.

The bottom line is, your natural hair is gorgeous. You are beautiful just the way that you are! Everyone else sees it, now you just need to open your eyes and see the beauty of your natural hair too. This natural journey can be such a fun and exciting one. The most exciting part is seeing the hair transformation that you will have, and learning to love yourself and your hair more in the process.

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