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How to Take Care of Low Porosity Hair

1. Deep Condition Weekly- Deep conditioning is important no matter what porosity type your hair is. But, when you have low porosity hair, you need deep conditioning treatments even more due to your hair not retaining moisture as easily. You can treat low porosity hair by using a very nurturing and rich treatment mask like our ONE Avocado Hair Smoothie or Strawberry Banana Hair Smoothie. Low porosity hair craves moisture, so making your deep conditioning a priority can really help your hair seal in more of the moisture it craves.
2.Use Clarifying Shampoo- Due to its difficulty absorbing moisture, low porosity hair has a hard time absorbing product, so it is prone to build up. Build up can make hair feel oily, look dull, and make it difficult for any additional product to reach the core of the hair. This is why everyone with low porosity hair should use a clarifying shampoo from time to time. Clarifying shampoos, often called purifying or deep cleaning, are specifically formulated to remove stubborn residue on your hair that your everyday shampoo may miss. Be careful not to overuse clarifying shampoos as they can strip the scalp of the essential oils that keep hair healthy. We recommend only using clarifying shampoos only twice a month.
3.Avoid Cotton Pillowcases- Cotton pillowcase will not only cause your hair strands to tangle and break, but also pulls moisture from your hair. You can keep the moisture intact by sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase or wearing a silk hair cap to bed. This method of using a silk or satin pillowcase is especially important for people with low porosity hair because the goal is to retain moisture not lose it.

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