Purchasing Policy

1. Any and all One by Wankaya’s LLC. products that are purchased online, or received as the result of a online purchase, through a website owned and/or operated by One by Wankaya, LLC. are NOT FOR RESALE; with the sole exception belonging to One by Wankaya authorized retailers and distributors.

2. If you purchase products that do not come directly from One by Wankaya, LLC. or an authorized retailer or distributor we cannot certify that the products are not counterfeit, contaminated or illegally obtained. Contaminated products may have had their ingredients changed or tampered with, or had the expiration date altered by the reseller. Illegally obtained products may include products coming from other countries where the ingredients may differ depending on the health or regulatory requirements of a particular country. Improper storage and handling may alter the performance of these products or pose a health risk. Further, we will not return the items or refund the amount paid.