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The ABC’s of Hair Care: Teaching your kids how to care for their natural hair properly

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Short hair, long hair, thin hair, and thick hair, no matter the color, thickness, or length of practicing hair health, are of the utmost importance. This statement goes double for your kids, especially when you are teaching them about their hair. 

Sometimes it may seem hard to start the conversation about hair with your kids. After all, your primary concern sometimes is just making sure their hair doesn’t look like a mess when they leave the house. But teaching your kids about hair health is something that will not only help cut your routine down as a parent but will also show your kid how to love and appreciate the head of hair they have. 

So how do you go about teaching your children proper hair health and styling? Well, we are here to give you the ABCs of it: 

A – A Proper Wash Routine

All hair routines start with a washday routine that leaves their hair and scalp fresh and clean if your young ones are getting into the habit of washing their hair, here are some tips to help them out!

  1. Get the hair wet – Depending on their hair type, it depends on how long it will take for their hair to get wet. Let your kids know to be patient and make sure all their hair is wet. 
  2. How to Shampoo – When they shampoo the hair, let them know to start with a quarter-sized amount (you can always use more depending on thickness) and massage their scalp getting all the dirt out. A best practice is to shampoo twice.
  3. Rinse thoroughly – There should be NO suds or bubbles left in their hair when rinsing the shampoo or conditioner out.
  4. Conditioning – When conditioning hair, a trick to teach kids is always to make sure they cover their ends and strands as those are often the driest parts of their hair. 

B – Brush & Detangle 

The detangling process is one of the essential parts of a hair care routine to teach as it’s a step that prevents the hair from becoming tangled and knotted that could lead to tangling. Within this step, always inform your kids about having patience during their detangling process and take time to brush through each part of their hair thoroughly. 

A tip for teaching your kids is to detangle their hair is to tell them to start at the ends and slowly move up. This technique will minimize the tearing of hair and pain during the brushing process. 

C – Cut Out Heat

The final tip for helping your kids get the hang of hairstyling is to cut out the heat, meaning, minimize the use of flat-irons and blowdryers when teaching them. While they may graduate using more heat-centric tools, it may be better for younger age groups to start on simple, non-heat styles, such as braids, twists, or buns. 

All in all, teaching your little ones about caring for their hair is all about having patience yourself while also teaching them to take their time. But all in all, just let them have fun as well. Maybe let them wash your hair as a way to teach them how long it should be. Make their hair a fun and enjoyable experience and teach them how pleasant it is to take care of themselves. 

What are some helpful tips that you have to teach your kids about hair care?

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