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The Do’s and Don’ts of Working Out with Natural Hair

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Whether you’re walking, running, hiking, or doing yoga, we are all trying to get our workout when we can. We are trying to make sure we have time to nourish our bodies; we are also trying to do the same with our hair. Sometimes, it seems like the two things don’t go hand in hand.  Working up a sweat sometimes makes you feel like you need to wash your hair after every workout. I mean, you just worked out, and you’re sweaty and gross and in need of a shower. But before you jump to washing your hair every day, ONE is here to give you some essential dos and don’ts to making sure you are keeping your hair healthy as you move your body. 

DO: Keep Your Hair Moisturize

Sweat naturally contains a lot of salt, which in turn dries out your hair. It’s essential to moisturize your hair daily before workouts, to combat the drying effects that your sweat may have. Take a leave-in condition or your favorite hair oil and run it through your hair before whipping it up into a bun or ponytail.   Also, make sure to deep condition your hair every two weeks, every week if you can. This will allow your hair to soak up some extra moisture. Our Avocado Hair Smoothie is the perfect thing to get all the nutrients and vitamins back into your hair. 

DON’T: Shampoo and Wash Your Hair After Every Workout

While it may feel like you need to wash your hair every day to get it clean, this is the exact opposite of what you should do. While Shampoo does clean your hair, shampooing your hair daily can add to dry hair.  Shampoo often strips your hair of its natural oils, which leads to dry hair. If you add this with the sweat that is also causing your hair to dry out, it can only mean a frizzy mess in the end. 

DO: Utilize Protective Styles

Rocking a protective hairstyle may be what you need to keep your hair healthy and happy during any workout. From braids and twist to buns, these styles will do just what they are supposed to do. A pro tip for these is to take some type to refresh your scalp to prevent build up. 

DON’T: Tie Your Headbands or Hair Scarves Too Tight

Tying your scarves or headbands too tight can lead to trapped sweat that will only serve in drying out your hair, especially at the edges. This is a quick way for breakage to make its way to your hair.  As an alternative, utilize a silk scarf and headband and make sure not to remove it until your hair is dry post-workout. 

DO: Use Clarifying Products

When you are conditioning and moisturizing your hair, the product build-up is bound to happen. This is when using a clarifying shampoo or pre-poo is going to be a saving grace for your hair. The ONE Strawberry and Banana Hair Smoothie is a fantastic product that will remove that dirt and product build-up from your hair without leaving it feeling stripped and dry. Along with our Natural Flaxseed Heating Cap, your hair will thank you after enduring even the toughest week of sweat and workouts.  

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