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5 Amazing Tips for Deep Conditioning Your Hair

Believe it or not, our hair is constantly suffering through the elements and daily trials we put it through. Whether it’s from working out, flat-ironing, protective styles, or just enjoying a day out our hair is always being put to the test. With this in mind, it can feel like there are more and more trials that come between you and a great hair day. But one thing you can do to help your hair feel refreshed and rejuvenated is to deep condition it.

Benefits of Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning is the process of treating your hair in order to heal and infuse moisture back into it. With this particular process, you use a conditioner that is packed with proteins and other specific ingredients that will help in the deep conditioning process. The reason why it is something that you should incorporate in your hair routine because not only does it provide moisture for your hair but it improves its strength and elasticity. Improving the hair’s elasticity will further prevent breakage and hair loss.

If you are new to deep conditioning or maybe you are just looking for ways to get the most out of it, here are some amazing tips that you can try!

Tip #1: Always Read Labels

Just like will all of your products, you should take the time to read and learn about the deep conditioner that you’re looking into. While we all want a quick fix for our hair, beware of products that advertise themselves as “rapid repair” or “intense hydration.” Your deep conditioner should include either coconut oil, avocado oil, and/or olive oil. Here at ONE, our Avocado Hair Smoothie is packed full of avocado oil, olive oil, and vitamins that will enrich your hair!

Tip #2: Focus on The Ends

Starting with the ends of your hair is the most beneficial because your ends are most prone to breakage and splitting. Your ends are also the oldest part of your hair and thus needs the most care. While trimming your ends periodically will help hair growth, it’s always good to deep condition between trims to increase longevity.

Tip #3: Heat It Up

Heating and/or steaming your deep conditioner increases the amount and effectiveness of absorption and improves elasticity and moisture retention. Throwing on a plastic cap will trap the heat and will serve to soften your hair and boost its moisture. A great way that you can add some to your routine is by using a hairdryer attachment to cover your hair.

Tip #4: Try it Overnight

Sometimes our hair needs a little extra TLC, and while most times letting the conditioner set for 15 – 20 minutes will do the trick, every once in a while you can leave it in over night. While this isn’t a habit that you want to do during every deep conditioning session, it’s something that you can practice once or twice when the seasons change and effect your hair or after you take your hair out of a protective style.

Tip #5: Consistency is Key

Hair that is deep conditioned regularly is more manageable, softer, less prone to breakage and frizz, and is able to retain length. While using it once can help your hair, deep conditioning is not a one-time solution for your hair concerns. Like most hair products and regimens, only time and regular use will provide results for you. So make sure to bake in time to consistently deep condition your hair.

At the end of the day, you have to give your hair the nutrients it needs, so make sure that your routine incl

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