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Valentine’s Accessories

Let’s talk Valentine’s Day! It’s the season of love, and our true love is all things hair, of course! We put together a list of Valentine’s Hair Accessories for you to look your best in the season of all things hearts!

  1. Velvet Heart Snap Clips- These clips would be super cute to arrive at your Galentine’s Day Brunch with! They are perfect for wearing your hair down, and adding a small little something to pin back a piece of your bangs! You can find these Velvet Heart Snap Clips on Etsy!
  2. Valentine’s Day Gem Headband– Remember going to Claire’s in the mall growing up, and getting our ears pierced, and shopping for super cute hair accessories? Well, Claire’s is still rocking! We found this awesome Valentine’s Day Gem Headband that you can use to wear your hair down or in a ponytail! For a slicked back, classy look with the headband, we suggest using the ONE Curl Enhancing Mousse!
  3. Cupid Heart Hair Pins- We have one word, adorable! We love the bold, but subtle look these hair clips give! These would be great to wear on date night with a black dress and heels to match the earrings! The Cupid Heart Hair Pins are spicy and cute!
  4. Faux Fur Pom Pom Hair Clips- These Red Faux Fur Pom Pom Hair Clips give off the cutest 90’s vibes! They would look great with a pink, red, or white sweater and jeans. Spice Girl but make it Valentines! We suggest using our ONE Curl Enhancing Brush because it would look super cute to rock the curls with these clips!
  5. Heart Claw Hair Clip- Etsy comes through again! They really do have cute hair accessories. This clip will keep your hair in place throughout the day, and is a fashion statement for love! The Heart Hair Claw Clip is a perfect way to wear your half up or all the way up!

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